Would you like to visit Shangilia and learn more about our project? If yes then contact the director of the children’s home Japheth Njenga. Over a cup of coffee, he will give you information about the history of Shangilia and the current situation of the project. How many children sleep in Shangilia, how many children come from outside. How are the children selected? Do the children get vocational training? What do the children do in their free time? How important is performing arts for children’s personality development? You are welcome to ask a lot of questions.

Then Mr. Njenga will show you the project; the classrooms, the playground and explain to you how a project like Shangilia can be ecologically sustainable. After this tour, the children will showcase their brilliance on the stage through Dance, acrobatics and the brass band. Experience the transformation the children have gone through at shangilia irrespective of their history and background. After the performance, some children will surely show you the project again. Take the chance to get in touch with the children. They will give you another insight.

You are welcome to round off the interesting encounters with a lunch and our cook John will spoil you with vegetables from our permaculture garden. Contact the director Mr. Njenga for details

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Japheth Njenga   0722 521582

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