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All classes are set up in an outdoor green classroom, following Covid 19 regulations.


Dr. Silke Bollmohr
Mail   [email protected]
Mobil +254 – 704874848

P10  Days „Permaculture Design Certification Course“

Curious to have a deep insight of permaculture by following the internationally recognized 72 hours Permaculture Design Certificate Course? Come and join us at our Permaculture Knowledge Hub for this intensive certificated courses. Our key success relies on many hands-on activities and field studies in an urban setting. These are just some highlights you will learn:

  • Permaculture Principles and Ethics
  • How to create healthy soil
  • Water management
  • Seed Management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Mapping
  • Creating Diversity
  • Waste Management

Date: 15.03. – 24.03.2021

Fascilitator: International Permaculturist and Environmental Scientist Dr Silke Bollmohr

Costs: (including food, excluding accommodation)
Private:       500$ pP
Corporate: 800$ pP

5  Days Course on Sustainable Solutions

At the Permaculture Knowledge Hub we show you all the sustainable solutions invented and implemented in Kenya. These solutions will be explained be renowned Kenyan experts in their specific field. You will learn about:

  • Greywater solutions
  • Biogas systems
  • Beehives
  • Vertical farming systems
  • Seed savings
  • Vermiculture
  • Hydroponics
  • Charcoal Fridge
  • Mushroom Farming

Dates: 07.12. – 11.12.2020
             01.03. – 05.03.2021

Facilitator: Dr Silke Bollmohr plus various experts

Costs: 300$ pP (including food, excluding accommodation)

3  Days Integrated Pest Management Course

Learn about pest management approaches that work with the environment, that avoid the use of damaging chemicals and that provide a healthier outcome for nature and ourselves.

A key aim of IPM is to reduce reliance on insecticides as the sole and primary means of pest control. IPM can improve farmer’ profitability while reducing environmental damage and limiting the risk of on-farm pesticide exposure. To control the pests, one needs to make a proper identification of the pests and most importantly know the pest’s biology so as a proper management strategy can be planned.


Topics Covered during the course include:

  • The principles of Integrated Pest Management
  • Monitoring crops for pest prevention
  • Natural solutions to various pest problems
  • Biocontrol: Encouraging natural pest predators
  • Companion plants for pest control
  • Making and using natural pesticide and fungicide sprays


Facilitator: Dr Silke Bollmohr

Costs: 300$

For further courses please contact us:

Dr. Silke Bollmohr
Mail   [email protected]
Mobil +254 – 704874848

2 Day Introduction to Urban Permaculture

You want to start your kitchen garden in an urban setting? Regardless of your space we will show you how you can grow your own organic food during this weekend course.

Topics include:

  • Urban farming in Nairobi
  • What to grow
  • How to build soil
  • How to make your own fertilizer
  • Seed savings
  • Water management/harvesting

Dates: 12.12. – 13.12.2020
            27.02. – 28.02.2021

Facilitator: Dr Silke Bollmohr

Costs: 180$


1 Day Training for Teachers

You as a teacher want to learn how to engage children into gardening? You would like to apply your math class to practical issues in the garden? Make lessons more excited and applicable for the kids? Come and join our short training on how to include the garden/farm in your curriculum?

Date: 14.12.2020 many to follow

Facilitators: Dr Silke Bollmohr and teachers of Shangilia.

Costs:  Ksh 4000

About the facilitator

Dr Silke Bollmohr is growing her own food in Nairobi and Berlin and is trying to live her life in a regenerative way in urban settings. She also set up the Permaculture Knowledge Hub at Shangilia. As and environmental scientist she has 20 years experience in capacity building and as a training facilitator in the environmental sector. Since 5 years she is facilitating organic farming and permaculture training in Kenya, Germany and South Africa. She received the Certificate in Permaculture Design and Permaculture Teacher from the Morag Gamble Permaculture Centre, Australia and she took part in various permaculture courses around Kenya organised by Barefoot Solutions and Laikipia Permaculture Centre.

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