Skate Park

The partnership between Skate-Aid Germany and the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation Germany provided Shangilia with a multifunctional skate and basketball court a facility, that is unique in Kenya. The complex brings together children and young people from all social backgrounds in Nairobi.

The skate park is extremely popular with the children. Particularly after the long school day when a break is most welcome change. Every free minute is used to race over the place with in liners or skateboards. There is no limit to creativity. The children can try themselves and let off steam on the boards. They can decide for themselves how fast they go or whether they try different stunts with the skateboard-. there are no limits but this takes place with total security measures in place which includes use of proactive gear in order to ensure there are no injuries incurred.   All these activities and freedom translate to life skills, development of self-confidence realization that the children are responsible for their own destiny and can set their own goals in life.

The skatepark at Tumshangilieni provides a professional and interesting platform for skaters in Nairobi. The skatepark is used by people of all walks of life. We use it as an income generating activity. Several Kenyan artists have used if for video shots and a few commercials have been shot on site.

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