We believe that education is the most important key to escape the vicious cycle of poverty and being financially independent.

Pre-primary (PP1 and PP2)

In PP1 and PP2 the children are prepared for the higher classes in the best possible way. Due to their previous history, the children often bring along considerable gaps in their knowledge and need to be strengthened emotionally. For these reasons the classes are very small, so that our well-trained ECD teachers can fully concentrate on the children. Excellent learning and play materials support the children and teachers. 


Primary school

Our school runs grade 1 up to grade 8. The children finish primary school by taking the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). The school is led by one Principal and twelve other teachers complete the team. Regular inhouse training seminars in method training are continuing to raise the standard of the school. In the last years the children achieved better and better results in the KCPE exams. A class holds a maximum of twenty two children. In addition to the children from Shangilia, children from poor backgrounds also attend our school and are given food as well. The school also accepts fee paying day scholar students.

Secondary school

After successful completion in the KCPE, the children have the opportunity to attend secondary school, usually boarding schools. Many children are attending very good schools in Kenya e.g. Nairobi school, Chavakali High, Buruburu Girls, Kisima Secondary, Kakamega High school, Kathiani Girls high school among many others. Some of our students have benefited from wings to fly scholarships amongst others.

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