Performing Arts

The founder of shangilia the late Anne Wanjugu who was a well-known actress realized from her own experience that applause for an actor on stage by the audience uplifts the actor and builds their self-confidence. This resonates very well with children in developing self confidence and trust in their abilities in all areas including schooling.
Due to our prowess in performing arts the children are invited to perform in functions and in return we get support.
The children have performed in various places like international school of Kenya, rotary club functions, intercontinental hotel, communications authority of Kenya and during national events like Independence Day.
Performing arts entails a number of disciplines: –

Brass band

This is under ken kirivwa who trains them 3 times a week in saxophone, trumpets, trombones, drums and other wind instruments.


This is under the guidance of Peter Wainaina, who is a beneficiary of shangilia since childhood and is an excellent acrobat pase.The acrobats train 3 times a week mainly in complicated human pyramids, flip-flops, unicycling, juggling and professional rope one would know better than Peter the positive impact acrobatics and physical exercises have on the development of personality.


Alexus a professional dancer himself is more than a creative and fantastic dance trainer. Dance training is also conducted 3 times a week and includes children as young as 3 years who Alexus is able to convince to take part using kind words. The young ones also learn body control, rhythmic movements of their bodies in harmony with the music. Dancing enables them to express their emotions through dancing as dancing is more than movement: it is a language.

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