Other Activities


Every day the children can use the library to relax, to find interesting magazines or books or they play games with other children. They have also the possibility to draw and paint


Especially the small children love to slide, swing and climb. The playground is used around the clock.

Ball games

On the large property the children can play football, basketball and volleyball, hand ball, net ball and hockey. Especially on weekends the children take advantage of the possibilities and small tournaments are organized.

The Shangilia football team is very successful because they take part in football tournaments with other school in westlands. some of our students were selected to join the sub-county team. Ken our teacher is the Nairobi county head coach.

Home science

This is a club with members interested in house keeping activities such as knitting, cooking, baking, tailoring and house activities relevant at home. They also learn bead work where they make hand bracelets. Currently, this club has 12 members.

4k Club

This is the farming and agricultural club.it has 20 members and is actively involved in the farm where the students have their own portion they plant and tender the crops until maturity. These students are also involved in the permaculture training by Silke (a specialist in permaculture).

Debates and public speaking

This takes place every week on Wednesday from 2:45pm to 3:45pm.the teachers and children together come up with topics e.g. its better to educate a boy child than to educate a girl child. There are opposers and proposers on each side and this helps the children discover and exploit their potential in tough discussions and negotiations.

Talent shows

This is where the children come up with skits, fashion shows(modelling), poems and dances all by themselves. This helps creativity and competition for the children who belong to various houses either blue, green, red or yellow. Every child must belong to one house.

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