Visit with your students Shangilia
– a unique project in Kenya –

Our world is facing great changes. Our common goal must be to give children a good education and train them to become strong personalities. But at the same time, to protect our earth for future generations. Shangilia combines this challenge in an impressive way. In Shangilia, your students can learn how to live in harmony with nature, use its resources and at the same time give children a good education.

Let your students participate in our workshop!


1. Watermanagement
you learn more about water management and how you can use waste water

2. Photovoltaik
you learn how to produce electricity independent of the grit

  1. Permaculture
    you learn to live in harmony with he nature and to produce food
  1. Acrobatic
    be part of our team and enjoy your experience

5. Skating
Experience what it means to stand on a skateboard

6. Enjoy the Performance of the shangilia children

500 ksh / students including a snack

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