Green Environment

We have a responsibility for a clean environment. Our goal is to build an ecologically sustainable project. Our big vision is for an abundant and fair world, where the next generation live in harmony with the Earth. Our mission (i.e. our positive steps to reach this big vision) is to provide inspiration, motivation and tools to enable people to be proactive in creating a regenerative living for themselves and for others.

Permaculture garden

The garden is designed according to the principles of permaculture – a continuous regenerative, near-natural and permanently functioning cycle of food production without pesticides and artificial fertilizer.3

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Solar Energy

Using the sun for energy production. Shangilia no longer relies on electricity from Kenya power to cover its daytime and nighttime needs

Rainwater collecting system

Rainwater is harvested from all roofs and collected into overhead and underground tanks. This covers part of the water consumption. The other part is covered with well water from our shallow well.

greywater cleaning system

The grey water (shower water, kitchen water…) is purified by micro-bacteria and then used for watering the garden In this way 6000 liters of water are recycled daily.

Drip irrigation in the garden

Through this modern irrigation system only as necessary water is used for the plants.

Waste separation

We separate garbage. Biological waste from the kitchen and from the grounds is used in the garden to make compost. Natural fertilizer for the garden.

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