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Dr. Silke Bollmohr

I received my PhD in Environmental Science from University of Cape Town and University Landau and I am a Certified Permaculturist, Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Wellness Adviser. The certificate in Permaculture Design and Permaculture Teacher, I received from the Morag Gamble Permaculture Centre, Australia. I also took part in various permaculture courses around Kenya organised by Barefoot Solutions and Laikipia Permaculture Centre. Currently I am running my own permaculture farm and training centre in Nairobi, teaching about permaculture in an urban set up and I work with different partners in Kenya to run school gardens, homestead gardens and commercial farms.
As the CEO and lead scientist of Eco-Trac -www.eco-trac.de I discover toxins in our food and environment (from pesticides, to heavy metals, a flatoxins and bacteria) and provide training for all sectors on how to assess the risk of these toxins and most important how to reduce these toxins in our food. As a scientific adviser, I am currently involved in the campaign to ban toxic pesticides, which are already withdrawn in Europe, due to their toxicity.
As the Managing Director of the NGO Hamana www.hamana.org, I combine training on how to create a healthy environment and combine this with a healthy lifestyle.
I offer training in growing own food sustainably and improving nature and offer a holistic health approach with yoga and Ayurveda to keep you in balance with yourself and with nature around you.

Joyce Wangari

My name is Joyce Wangari I grew up in Shangilia. I finished my secondary school and took a career in procurement and supply chain management. Now I work in Shangilia as a secretary and I`m responsible for the organisation of the permaculture courses in Shangilia.
I am interested in permaculture because it is very important to eat healthy food and it is an economical way of urban farming using natural fertilizers/manure.
My aim is to gain knowledge about permaculture and other activities which improve the environment. In the near future I will teach the children in Shangilia and other groups together with Emmanuel on how to farm naturally.

Mabonga Emmanuel

My name is Mabonga Emmanuel. I grew up in the western part of Kenya. I studied and achieved a diploma in agriculture entrepreneurship. Now I work in shangilia as a farm manager. My aim in permaculture is to capacitate and build students and other farmers on the importance of sustainability in farming and improve food production in shangilia

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