Department Heads

Japheth Njenga is the director of the project. As a trained accountant he joined Shangilia in 1996 and took over the management in 2004. His aim is to provide a good home for the children and to support the needs of the children from the slum. The employees in Shangilia should also find a good working environment whrere they feel comfortable. Ideas are always welcome which help to improve the situation of the children. Shangilia is not like any other workplace, but a place everyone feels is part of the Shangilia family and bears a high level of responsibility for their own work area and for the well-being of the children.

Shangilia has got 28 employees. The teaching team is led by Douglas Makari (Picture on the left) and Kenneth Oyier  and 11 other teachers work in Shangilia. The aim is to constantly improve the school results and to improve the personality of the children. Further training and a constant exchange of ideas are part of the school’s daily routine.

Ken Kirivwa (Picture on the right) is not only a teacher, but also leads the performing arts and sports department. Peter and Alexus belong to his team.

Our cooks work closely with our garden team to provide the children with a healthy balanced diet.

The administration team is easily accessible to the children.

The housefather, housemother and matron (Mildred Kavere, picture on the left) ensure regulated procedures in the home area and are also there for the children at night. They have an open ear for the children’s concerns.



Emmanuel (picture on the right), our head of the garden, and his staff ensure healthy vegetables, fruits and eggs are available throughout the year.

Our team includes the security staff and our cleaning staff, who ensure high levels of security and hygiene are maintained in Shangilia.

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