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Tumshangilieni Mtoto ( „Shangilia“) is a non profit organisation registered in Kenya, which was founded by the late Kenyan actress Anne Wanjugu in 1994.

We work very close together with the German non profit organisation Shangilia Germany e.V. www.shangilia.de.

Mission Statement

Tumshangilieni provides for the physical needs of street children (cooperating with other organizations in pursuit of the same goal) with a home at Kibagare and medical care and strives to influence the children with values to enable them to grow in an atmosphere that helps them mature into responsible adulthood.

Tumshangilieni helps the children realize their self-confidence and full potential through the performing arts.

It is through the performing arts that the children emphasize behavior change as a positive alternative and expose the problems of the street children through performances to audiences at venues including schools, churches and community. Tumshangilieni assesses each child’s situation and provides older street children with skills training in mechanics, stitching, tailoring and entrepreneurship to prepare them for adult life and improved job prospects.

Vision Statement

To help street children enhance their worth, confidence and assist them with their personal growth; thus nurture their development through providing a home, education, skills training and instruction with the performing arts so that they mature into adults able to look after themselves and contribute to society.

To sensitize various constituencies within civil society concerning, the problems and solutions of/for street children.

To change the attitudes of leaders and public to improve their response to the problems facing street children.

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