Department Heads
Tumshangilieni mtoto has several departments that help in the smooth running of the school and proper care of the children.

Tumshangilieni has 29 employees.

Japheth Njenga heads the project. As a trained financial auditor, he joined Shangilia in 1996 and took over the management in 2005.  The goal is to provide the children with a good home and also to take care of the children’s concerns when they come from the slum.

His team includes Francis Mbugwa, an accountant at Shangilia, who works closely with our financial economist in Germany. The school is run by a head teacher. It is important to encourage the children in the most optimal manner and to give them the feeling of belonging to the large Shangilia family. Peter Wainana, who grew up in Shangilia, now works as a teacher in the project and teaches acrobatics. Like him, many teachers have a dual function. Ken Kirivwa, who teaches not only mathematics, but also the brass band and football team.

The good souls of the project include Pauline Njeri, the secretary and Naomi Murithii, the social worker. Both are always approachable for the children and are almost mother surrogates. Pauline also has an open ear for the remaining staff and provides support in many varies ways. The chef, John Wetemba is proud of his new kitchen and ensures a balanced diet. An important contribution is made by the gardener Mwangi, who ensures that fruit and vegetables are available throughout the year. The housemother and the house father primarily provide for the children and regulate all matters concerning the home. Not to forget the driver, the cleaning team, the caretaker and the security personnel. Through it all, Shangilia has becomes a stable place for children and adolescents that call it home.

Japheth Gachie Njenga

Director and Chief Executive Officer (54) Married with four children. Certified Accountant, Strathmore University.


  • Board liason with on strategic matters
  • Liasing with donors on funding and implementation of programs and strategic directions from the board
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the program
  • Day to day running of the School
  • Managing staff and operational planning

Francis Ndua Mbugua

Business Administration (52) married with two children. Certified Public accountant Strathmore University.


  • Maintaining the records of all incomes and expenditure
  • Prepare monthly and financial reports
  • Pay bills and taxes on behalf of the home
  • Purchase of stationery and other requirements needed in the home, school and offices
  • Make account reconciliation

Nancy Wambui

House Matron (47) at tumshangilieni mtoto since 2015.


  • Head of the home department
  • Ensure good relations among the home department staff and children
  • Ensure cleanliness of the premises
  • Ensure health status of the children and general hygiene is of good standard
  • Keep and follow up medication for sick children
  • Take care of minor injuries of the children and refer children to hospital if needed

Kennedy Kiriva (Ken)

Administrative Headteacher (42, married with 3 children))  The Salvation Army Kenya east college of instrumental training, Accountant CPA section 3

  • Worked as a teachers for the last 17 years. The last 9years been at Tumshangilieni.
  • Mathematics teacher std 6,7, & 8
  • In charge of the Theater Department (brass band trainer)
  • Football trainer


Naomi Murithii

Social Worker ( 23). Degree in Community Development.

  • Records keeping
  • Accompanying children to outdoor events and programs as chaperon
  • Receiving records (report cards, newsletters, release sheets) from pupils attending boarding school and updating events
  • Receiving of cases that need social intervention
  • Making home and school visits
  • Counseling and mentoring
  • In charge of sponsorship program

Japheth Njenga   0722 521582
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