Skate Park

Tumshangilieni Mtoto – The cooperation between Skate-Aid and the Dirk Novitzki Foundation provided Shangilia with a multifunctional skater and basketball facility, which is totally unique in Kenya. The complex brings together children and young people from all social strata in Nairobi.

The skatepark at tumshangilieni provides a professional and interesting platform for skaters in Nairobi. The skatepark is used by people of all walks of life. We use it as an income generating activity. several Kenyan artist have used if for videoshouts and manybcommercials have been shot from it. The skatepark is of great help to us and community as a whole since it helps to nurture talent. It also helps to reduce boredom in children within the slum of kibagare and kangemi environs. At the skatepark we charge reasonable fee for people to skate.

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